Don't take our word for it!

Here at Colwall Motor Services, we know how good we are. But you don't have to take our word for it. We've served countless people to the highest standard over the years. Many of those people are regular customers needing regular jobs done. But we've also come to the rescue of more than a few people from way out of town when disaster has struck.

Bellow, you'll find testimonials from just a handful those we've kept on the road, and those we've put back on the road...

Sam Cook

“I would not go anywhere else to get my car serviced and for an MOT. Brilliant, outstanding service.”

D Morris

"Fantastic! I have finally found a garage that is trustworthy. They don't fix what isn't broken and are considerate to clients' needs. Well done lads!"

"Half way through our holiday, our old VW Type 25 broke its water pump. Taking pity on us, the AA man phoned Mark at Colwall who said he'd do his best to fix it the next day. It didn't arrive at Colwall til 7.30 pm but Mark had waited. Even though it took him 3 hours (!) to take off the old pump as all the bolts had rusted, he fulfilled his promise and we were back on the road by the afternoon. What a hero! Over the years our bus has broken down in some interesting locations, but we have never found anyone who was prepared to put himself out for us like Mark did. We owe you!"